Have you ever looked at Longform? It’s a continuously updated selection of great article recommendations pulled from all over the web. During my lunch breaks I (usually browse Buzzfeed or catch up on tv shows, but when I want to feel really intellectual I) can usually polish off one or two of these. But sometimes I get dragged into a crazy binge; starting with a little innocent look into organ harvesting, it’s so easy to progress to shaken baby syndrome or penis injuries…and discover that you’ve been staring at your computer screen for five solid hours and your eyes are probably on the verge of falling out of your face.

I wouldn’t really recommend that approach, but if you have a lunch break and the ability to restrain yourself, then you should check it out! A few favorites of mine (it was very hard to narrow it down!):

Procrastination | The Ultimate

Body Integrity Identity Disorder | The Ultimate

Last Meals | The Ultimate

Russian Family Lost in the Wilderness | The Ultimate

Do What You Love | The Ultimate