Desk | The Ultimate


Desk Before | The Ultimate

I don’t know why I keep calling this my desk when clearly it’s actually a vanity; I mean, it’s full of jewelry and makeup and I’m certain to never do a lick of work here (I prefer the couch, or better yet, my bed). But whatever it shall henceforth go by, it’s done! Ish. I need a pretty wastepaper basket and I’m considering painting the task lamp, because I want something over there to be emerald green to tie in with my sheets. If I were brave, I would try to dye the sheepskin. Wouldn’t that look amazing? Maybe I am brave?? Must research.

But it’s come a long way from before, right? After choosing the lamp (discussed here) and the mirror, (here), the only major piece I still needed for the desktop was something to organize all my statement necklaces. For years I used this little jewelry stand, and while it was pretty, it was also laughably bad at holding more than a necklace and a bangle at a time (as, I suppose, the product image advertises). I really had my heart set on a badass marble bust (I was thinking Aristotle, Napoleon, maybe Lenin), but after being outbid on eBay a handful of times i realized that I was going to have to settle for something a little more generic. But this guy gets the job done very nicely and as an added bonus, my hat and sunglasses fit him perfectly! Although the sunglasses caused my roommate to claim that he looked like a “scary transvestite robot from the future”, so I’ve left them off for now.

Necklace Organization | The Ultimate

But the best thing about this setup is what’s inside the drawers. For the first time ever ever I have all my makeup and jewelry ORGANIZED and IN VIEW. Hallelujah!! See??

Vanity Organization | The Ultimate

For the outer drawers, I used two of the tiers of this “crafting box” that I got for super cheap at West Elm because the lid was pretty banged up. The fabric on the bottom stops all my bracelets and charm necklaces from shifting as the drawers open and close. The inner drawers have inserts that I found on an expedition to Home Goods. They’re covered in fabric with a pretty metallic trellis pattern you can’t really see…which is good in a way as my blush has already stained the crap out of one of those cubicles. Whatever.

Ring Organization | The Ultimate

All in all, I’m pleased with how my room is ever-so-slowly turning out! Stay tuned for sprucing up my bed, which at this rate will probably happen the month before I move out. But it’s going to happen!