Daft Punk Costume | The Ultimate


Make sure you give your helmets PLENTY of time to dry after spray painting them. We did it just a few hours before we started getting ready for the night, like utter fools, and after a tragic series of paint-transference events, we learned our lesson.

Also (clearly) they are HOT and pretty hard to see through (we very lightly misted the visors with black spray paint, which looked awesome but was also totally dangerous so I wouldn’t recommend it). Know that you will most likely be taking yours off periodically throughout the evening, and plan accordingly.


Sequined Jacket | Black outfit | Black Leather Gloves | Triangular Necklace


Motorcycle Helmet | Silver and Gold Spray Paint | Painter’s Tape

Part deux of my costume series! This one involves minimal DIY, which is nice for those of us who are disinclined to fritter away an entire month on an outfit that will last for (half of) one night. The trick is just pulling together the right pieces, the most important part being the helmets. Mine is this one, and Anne’s is this one.