DIY Retro Goldfish Costume | The Ultimate


Try to find a simple dress without a lot of flare in the skirt, the reason being that you’ll already need several hundred cupcake liners to cover it; no need to make yourself more work! The cutting goes pretty quickly though, as you can stack several at a time. I would definitely recommend sewing them onto a cheap, thrifted find–I actually taped mine all on (which took FOREVER) because I wanted to save the beautiful handmade cocktail dress I used.


Pillbox Hat | Retro Dress | Gloves | Pumps | Pearls


Ping Pong Ball | Black and Orange Paint | Glue Gun | Cupcake Liners | Orange Dye | Sewing Machine

It’s October! Otherwise known as the month when most other people start enthusing about turning leaves and scarves and apple cider or WHATEVER. All good things, but I’m pretty sure I have my priorities straight when I say that Halloween costumes are what we all really need to focus on. Or at least this is true if you too have a tendency to undertake really massive DIYs that take practically the whole month to pull together. So in preparation, I thought I’d show a couple of favorite costume DIYs from past Halloweens. Hope you like!