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Delicate Rings on Etsy

Rings on Etsy | The Ultimate

I can’t be bothered with wearing most types of jewelry every day–earrings and necklaces are out, because I’d have to take them off at night which is just crazy talk for someone who struggles to wash her face or do any other nighttime rituals that are much more important than jewelry removal. Bracelets are just damn annoying, and whenever I wear them I compulsively play with them to the annoyance of me and anyone who happens to be watching. Does anyone else do this??

Anyways. So that leaves rings. Rings, rings, oh how I love them. I always have at least 5 on at all times. And–due to the aforementioned laziness–I never take them off for silly things like washing my hands or showering or dousing things with paint stripper or anything. This means that super cheap rings will not do. (As in materials…monetarily speaking, cheap is good :) I used to buy plated brass ones that would be ruined in just a couple days, but no longer!

Here I bring you 9 rings that have been tried and tested by yours truly (or I’ve gotten something else from their shop and so can reasonably vouch for their quality). You can get a lot of them in different finishes, although for the most part I stick with sterling silver because it’s cheap and very sturdy. So while these range in price from $12 (!) to $330 (!!), the expensive end is all solid gold stuff that we need not assume I’ve been able to afford. Sniff.


Christmas Wish List

Christmas List | The Ultimate

I don’t know about you, but I never get any useful gift ideas from all the lovely guides that everyone puts out there for Christmas. I like to give people weird, personal things, stuff that they hopefully wouldn’t think of and certainly wouldn’t be put on any guide. But for ME? I want all that stuff. Allll the artisanal table linens, the monthly perfume subscriptions, the cozy slippers. Basically I’ve spent the last month navigating a minefield of personal consumption, and there have been some casualties. In fact, there have been so many that I hereby refuse to admit exactly how many of these items I now or will soon own, whether from serious hints to interested parties or by more…direct means. You get the picture.

1. Weekender Love that print!
2. Bird’s Feet Useless, pretty, and a little creepy. My favorites.
3. Rock, Paper, Scissors Necklace Monserat de Lucca also has some killer zodiac necklaces…
4. Decanter and Tumblers Cheers!
5. Butter Dish The cutest butter dish.
6. Cashmere Sweater THE SOFTEST SWEATER. Seriously it is so damn cozy. And it’s such a good shape.
7. Marble Handled Cutting Board Very lovely and hefty.
8. Mesh Flats These are so delicate and flattering; perfect fancy flats.
9. Interchangeable Curling Iron Isn’t this the best idea?? Also so beautiful.
10. Earrings Perfect for Valentine’s Day.
11. Cannabis Chocolates Well now they’re legal in Washington, so…
12. Mini Rider Bag The snakeskin and black hardware are on point.


Costume DIY: Daft Punk

Daft Punk Costume | The Ultimate


Make sure you give your helmets PLENTY of time to dry after spray painting them. We did it just a few hours before we started getting ready for the night, like utter fools, and after a tragic series of paint-transference events, we learned our lesson.

Also (clearly) they are HOT and pretty hard to see through (we very lightly misted the visors with black spray paint, which looked awesome but was also totally dangerous so I wouldn’t recommend it). Know that you will most likely be taking yours off periodically throughout the evening, and plan accordingly.


Sequined Jacket | Black outfit | Black Leather Gloves | Triangular Necklace


Motorcycle Helmet | Silver and Gold Spray Paint | Painter’s Tape

Part deux of my costume series! This one involves minimal DIY, which is nice for those of us who are disinclined to fritter away an entire month on an outfit that will last for (half of) one night. The trick is just pulling together the right pieces, the most important part being the helmets. Mine is this one, and Anne’s is this one.


4 Favorite Winter Coats

Winter Coats | The Ultimate

Fall shopping insanity is fully upon me now, and all I can think about–and surreptitiously look for when I’m supposed to be working–is boots and sweaters and COATS. Mmmm I love coats.

I tried using a few words above to explain why these four in particular caught my eye, but upon further review they’re totally cryptic and I should probably redo it but I’m not gonna. Instead I’m just adding more down here, for the streamlined and logical experience that every designer strives to give to their blog posts :)

1. SEXY. SO SEXY. Going weak at the knees. Go on sale for half off pretty plz.
2. So many good things going on in the one…the cocoon shape + biker style + leather trim + color blocking + olive being one of those colors? Whoever designed this coat deserves mad props for cramming in ALL the trends.
3. Lovely simple car coat (that comes in camel and black too!) The cut makes it look more like Max Mara than Mango. Which is the dream, isn’t it?
4. CHEAP. SO CHEAP. And it’s really surprisingly hard to find a good leopard coat–I like that this one is fuzzy but not actually furry, and the print is nice and dark, not all crazy contrast-y like many leopard prints.


Costume DIY: Retro Goldfish

DIY Retro Goldfish Costume | The Ultimate


Try to find a simple dress without a lot of flare in the skirt, the reason being that you’ll already need several hundred cupcake liners to cover it; no need to make yourself more work! The cutting goes pretty quickly though, as you can stack several at a time. I would definitely recommend sewing them onto a cheap, thrifted find–I actually taped mine all on (which took FOREVER) because I wanted to save the beautiful handmade cocktail dress I used.


Pillbox Hat | Retro Dress | Gloves | Pumps | Pearls


Ping Pong Ball | Black and Orange Paint | Glue Gun | Cupcake Liners | Orange Dye | Sewing Machine

It’s October! Otherwise known as the month when most other people start enthusing about turning leaves and scarves and apple cider or WHATEVER. All good things, but I’m pretty sure I have my priorities straight when I say that Halloween costumes are what we all really need to focus on. Or at least this is true if you too have a tendency to undertake really massive DIYs that take practically the whole month to pull together. So in preparation, I thought I’d show a couple of favorite costume DIYs from past Halloweens. Hope you like!


Tech Time

Tech | The Ultimate

I’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately for tech accessories–why you ask? Well, I’m of the opinion that the best way to deal with having shitty outdated devices is to bedazzle them, so that at least your phone looks cute even as you curse it while insanely weaving through traffic because it will no longer load Google Maps. Also it is only logical to buy a laptop’s worth of goods rather than replacing your laptop. Obviously.

Things I already own:

The headphones and the universal charger (it comes with a plug that’ll fit any phone, which has already been really fun to whip out and share with my weird non-iPhone-owning friends :), and they’re both lovely.

Things I didn’t know I wanted to own:

Disposable screen wipes! Who’d’ve thought. But they’d be really nice to slip into your laptop case or whatever. Also, after I went to a wedding this summer that had them, I discovered that instant (Polaroid-ish) cameras are SO fun and addictive! Great for parties. Great for party favors!

Things I need but have inexplicably been putting off buying for years:

I NEED a laptop bag/backpack. I’ve been lugging around an awkward case without a handle for absolute ages, and it’s so dumb. That briefcase is technically a men’s one but it so does not look like it, right? And that backpack is insane(ly cool), and has a padded laptop pocket.

Things I don’t need but that are fun to look at:

Pretty phone cases. That brass one is gorgeous, and the Etsy shop has lots of other equally awesome designs.


Coming and Going

Reversible Jewelry | The Ultimate

Lately I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of those fun double-sided earrings that have been popping up everywhere. I saw a bunch of pretty options (although most were depressingly far from my price range…, ahem, #2 and #9 ), but along the way to finding a cheaper pair (#8), I got distracted by a few other pieces and noticed a trend!

They each had some kind a special detail in the back or inside of the piece; whether it was a tassel on a necklace clasp, or a reversible ring, they all had a little bit of flare on the side that’s normally hidden. And now that I’m aware of the possibilities, I want all my jewelry to look this great, both coming and going! Or in reverse (#1, #4). Or inside out (#3, #6). Ok so the title really doesn’t really work. But you get the point!


Everyday Tees

Everyday Tees | The Ultimate

Up until recently, I worked in a regular office, and wore regular office-y clothes–skirts, silk blouses, etc. I didn’t much question my sartorial decisions, and neither did anyone else. But about half a year ago, I started to work from home. And I immediately noticed that most people when I told them about it, would say, “Oh yeah? Sweatpants all day every day?! NICE.” (Or, you know, something along those lines.)

To which I would answer with an emphatic NOPE; it is not nice. On the days that I spend sprawled braless, sweat-panted, and generally unkempt on the couch, I do not feel good about myself. AND I’ve noticed that those days seem to mysteriously correspond with the ones where I find myself shoveling off-brand Froot Loops from the box into my mouth at any moment when I don’t need both my hands on the keyboard. What I’m trying to say is it’s a snowball effect.

On the other hand, it’s ridiculous to wear anything near as nice as my old clothes when the only being that’s going to see me before nightfall is Lucy. And she doesn’t judge. (In fact, I think she likes the Froot Loop days the best…) So usually I manage to compromise, and that means a lot of soft and comfy, but still very pretty tees. I’m always on the hunt for more, so here’s a handful that I particularly approve of! Some I own and love (#2, #5), some I just bought and am quite excited about (#6, #8), and the rest I’m seriously considering (ie waiting for my next paycheck).


Coachella Camping

Coachella | The Ultimate

So I know I just talked about camping (and my fingers are crossed for good weather next weekend, so I can go on my first backpacking trip of the year), but camping at festivals is a whole ‘nother beast. A beast that I now feel fairly prepared to tackle, after being woefully unprepared the year before this. Some major mistakes we made:

– Buying child-sized camping chairs. (So cheap! So uncomfortable!)
– Not buying an Easy-Up; instead attempting to fashion a shelter with a tiny tarp and some duct tape.
– Bringing tons of drinking material that needed to be kept cold…and the smallest cooler possible.

Now, given the bounty of lofty Easy-Ups, adult-sized chairs, and giant frosty coolers that were in evidence on the campgrounds last year, no one else is likely to make those mistakes. But there were many other things I learned that aren’t quite so obvious! So I thought I’d share, and hope that I can save at least a couple of poor souls from the shame and indignities that I inflicted upon myself last year.

Not to lay the self-pity on too strong…we totally killed it. Just in like, the most inept way possible. If that makes sense. Anyway!

LED Balloons | The Ultimate

Sunscreen Flask | The Ultimate

iPhone Battery Charger | The Ultimate

Low Heeled Boots | The Ultimate

Tapestry | The Ultimate

Mini Wipes | The Ultimate

Folding Water Bottle | The Ultimate


Let’s Go Camping

Let's Go Camping | The Ultimate

For the most part, I am that very girly girl who likes manicures, champagne, Jane Austen; dislikes beer, sporting events, sweatpants. But I make a rabidly enthusiastic exception for camping. It doesn’t really matter to me whether it’s a miles-long backpacking trek through the wilderness, or day drinking at a campsite ten miles out of the city. I love it all!

And, as with pretty much everything else in life, it’s even MORE fun when there’s cute stuff to bring along. Every year I like to add a few things to my camping arsenal (which I keep in my trunk at all times, because you never know). So here are some things that I either have and love, or that I’m considering getting soon.

PS I had a hard time narrowing down all the things I wanted to include from Izola; even their stuff that clearly isn’t for camping is just as clearly perfect for camping (case in point) Also their flasks are amazing. I want ALL of them.