Rings on Etsy | The Ultimate

I can’t be bothered with wearing most types of jewelry every day–earrings and necklaces are out, because I’d have to take them off at night which is just crazy talk for someone who struggles to wash her face or do any other nighttime rituals that are much more important than jewelry removal. Bracelets are just damn annoying, and whenever I wear them I compulsively play with them to the annoyance of me and anyone who happens to be watching. Does anyone else do this??

Anyways. So that leaves rings. Rings, rings, oh how I love them. I always have at least 5 on at all times. And–due to the aforementioned laziness–I never take them off for silly things like washing my hands or showering or dousing things with paint stripper or anything. This means that super cheap rings will not do. (As in materials…monetarily speaking, cheap is good :) I used to buy plated brass ones that would be ruined in just a couple days, but no longer!

Here I bring you 9 rings that have been tried and tested by yours truly (or I’ve gotten something else from their shop and so can reasonably vouch for their quality). You can get a lot of them in different finishes, although for the most part I stick with sterling silver because it’s cheap and very sturdy. So while these range in price from $12 (!) to $330 (!!), the expensive end is all solid gold stuff that we need not assume I’ve been able to afford. Sniff.