Everyday Tees | The Ultimate

Up until recently, I worked in a regular office, and wore regular office-y clothes–skirts, silk blouses, etc. I didn’t much question my sartorial decisions, and neither did anyone else. But about half a year ago, I started to work from home. And I immediately noticed that most people when I told them about it, would say, “Oh yeah? Sweatpants all day every day?! NICE.” (Or, you know, something along those lines.)

To which I would answer with an emphatic NOPE; it is not nice. On the days that I spend sprawled braless, sweat-panted, and generally unkempt on the couch, I do not feel good about myself. AND I’ve noticed that those days seem to mysteriously correspond with the ones where I find myself shoveling off-brand Froot Loops from the box into my mouth at any moment when I don’t need both my hands on the keyboard. What I’m trying to say is it’s a snowball effect.

On the other hand, it’s ridiculous to wear anything near as nice as my old clothes when the only being that’s going to see me before nightfall is Lucy. And she doesn’t judge. (In fact, I think she likes the Froot Loop days the best…) So usually I manage to compromise, and that means a lot of soft and comfy, but still very pretty tees. I’m always on the hunt for more, so here’s a handful that I particularly approve of! Some I own and love (#2, #5), some I just bought and am quite excited about (#6, #8), and the rest I’m seriously considering (ie waiting for my next paycheck).