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For the past few weeks I’ve been toying around with the idea of buying some dedicated sleepwear. This is partially because I have a terrible habit of just passing out in whatever I’ve worn during the day…but also because I have this fantasy of myself sashaying around in something cute before bed, probably with a face mask and a sophisticated novel.

But when I actually started shopping around, I found myself caught up in an existential crisis. I couldn’t make up my mind about basic questions of comfort and practicality (How warm did I want to be? Was I really willing to put on two whole pieces of clothing just to go to bed in?) But the important question, and what my confusion really boiled down to was, what was my sleepwear style? Did I fancy myself a no-nonsense button-down kind of gal? Maybe I was best suited to a fluttery nightgown sort of situation (accompanied of course by an undone fishtail braid). Or was I more of a lace trimmings and booty shorts lady of the night??

I soon realized how ridiculous this train of thought had gotten, so I tabled the motion and went with my gut. So now instead of wearing real clothes to bed, I just wear this guy at all times. Progress!

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