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Read These Things

Another installment of seriously good articles! I have to warn you, only read “The Itch” if you’re ok with being forever haunted by the fear of what happens to this lady…I included a gory except from it because you should know what you’re getting into. The “Gentleman’s Guide” is also fairly explicit, which I’m sure is obvious…I mean, that’s why it’s interesting!

Although “One More Time” has a decidedly more tame subject matter than those two, it is crazy interesting!! Make sure to listen to the audio bits. The last piece is just for fun…I definitely spent a fair amount of time poring over the list and deciding who I thought was worth it, and who was overpriced. Ahem…Green Day…

The Itch | The Ultimate

A Gentleman's Guide To Sex In Prison | The Ultimate

One More Time | The Ultimate

Want to Book Your Favorite Band? | The Ultimate


In the End

The Beatles | The Ultimate

And here we have a classic song with a reminder that fits quite nicely with the approach of Valentine’s Day. Which btw is my birthday, and I’ve always felt that this gives me a free pass to take it VERY SERIOUSLY–and in years past have blatantly coerced my friends into spending it with me…regardless of any plans they might have had with significant others. (Don’t even try to tell me you wouldn’t do that too!)


5 Favorite Dance Music Videos


Late late last night I decided (as you do) that I needed to watch ALL of my favorite music videos. It took me forever to remember all of them, so I thought I’d round them up into a glorious collection of favorites that I could refer back to in moments like that, when it’s 2am and I MUST watch all the good music videos. Of course there were too many so I picked my top 5, based mostly on how great the dancing is. I excluded (for the most part…as you’ll see) some great videos that I would have otherwise included, like Bad Romance or Chandelier as they’re super popular and everyone’s seen them. These are my quirky ones that I always feel proud introducing to other people, like I’m some kind of YouTube savant who squirrels out the diamonds in the rough (I am not. I don’t know how I found any of these.) Anyway:

Poliça Wandering Star

This is just about the most beautiful music video ever–and whoever got to be the makeup artists must have had the time of their damn lives.

Here We Go Magic How Do I Know

If you want your socks charmed off, this is the video to watch. The girl that plays the dancing robot has the best, most infectious moves–I love her. And the hot quadriplegic wife is so intriguing to me. It’s just a good story!

Department Of Eagles No One Does It Like You

This video is weirdly low quality, but in a way I feel like that contributes to its appeal? Or I’m just used to it. I’ve shown it to some people and they’ve been totally creeped out, but I find it strangely, horrifically adorable.

Duke Dumont Need U

Another great story. The lead actor has the perfect reactions to everyone, and there are so many funny little details; the walkman, the sand in his stoic face, the resentful man pushing over the IV. Love it!

Daft Punk Around the World

Ok so clearly this one is too popular to qualify, but I had to include it because it’s old and maybe people have forgotten about it, and it’s SO GOOD. One of my life’s dreams is to have a massive party with this video as the theme–everyone would dress in the character of their choice, then we’d all learn the dance. Yeah, I’m calling that as the theme for my 30th birthday. It’s got to happen.


Eat Sleep Rave Repeat

Fatboy Slim | The Ultimate

There were so many amazing acts at Coachella this year that I feel totally disloyal picking a favorite. Buuttt I kind of had one. Fatboy Slim was so amazing! To be fair to all the other acts, a lot of it had to do with the crowd (excited but not to the point of being pushy and annoying), and the setup (his DJ booth was in the middle of the screen!!):

Fatboy Slim | The Ultimate

And best of all, the giant astronaut sculpture came into the tent! There’s nothing like having a 36 foot tall astronaut hovering over you while dancing around under insane lasers and listening to some truly hypnotic beats. Really, I challenge you to listen to this and not want to just go around repeating it, like a little rave-y drone. Or maybe that’s just me…

Fatboy Slim | The Ultimate



Dashboard Confessional | The Ultimate

It’s funny that one of my favorite songs of all time (#20 most played on my iTunes!) is by a band that I’ve never had much of an interest in. I barely know any of their other songs, and it was only by a fluke that I got to know this one so well. It was one of four choices for our senior prom theme song, and for some reason everyone was VERY opinionated about what it should be (clearly I had a very sheltered childhood). I can’t even recall what song my friends and I wanted…although I do remember approving of Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be” the year before, so I’m guessing whatever one I wanted was about as awesome sappy.

So when “Stolen” was chosen, I chose to embark on a private act of protest by not even bothering to listen to it before the dance. (Yes, I had never even heard the song before, but to be fair I’d heard a lot of their other music and wasn’t a fan) Older me is now aware that younger me was a straight up idiot, but it all worked out in the end. Because the first time I ever heard this song I was literally spinning around in my highest heels, in a ballroom, in celebration. It was perfect.



Arcade Fire | The Ultimate

Arcade Fire is one of my favorite bands, and unlike soooome people, I totally buy into their anthemic, orchestral sound. It was hard for me to pick out a lyric, because so many of theirs are beautiful and evocative, but they kind of lose something when they’re taken out of the context of the song. Lucky you though, you can just listen to the song and you’ll have the best of both worlds!