Costume DIY: Daft Punk

Daft Punk Costume | The Ultimate


Make sure you give your helmets PLENTY of time to dry after spray painting them. We did it just a few hours before we started getting ready for the night, like utter fools, and after a tragic series of paint-transference events, we learned our lesson.

Also (clearly) they are HOT and pretty hard to see through (we very lightly misted the visors with black spray paint, which looked awesome but was also totally dangerous so I wouldn’t recommend it). Know that you will most likely be taking yours off periodically throughout the evening, and plan accordingly.


Sequined Jacket | Black outfit | Black Leather Gloves | Triangular Necklace


Motorcycle Helmet | Silver and Gold Spray Paint | Painter’s Tape

Part deux of my costume series! This one involves minimal DIY, which is nice for those of us who are disinclined to fritter away an entire month on an outfit that will last for (half of) one night. The trick is just pulling together the right pieces, the most important part being the helmets. Mine is this one, and Anne’s is this one.


4 Favorite Winter Coats

Winter Coats | The Ultimate

Fall shopping insanity is fully upon me now, and all I can think about–and surreptitiously look for when I’m supposed to be working–is boots and sweaters and COATS. Mmmm I love coats.

I tried using a few words above to explain why these four in particular caught my eye, but upon further review they’re totally cryptic and I should probably redo it but I’m not gonna. Instead I’m just adding more down here, for the streamlined and logical experience that every designer strives to give to their blog posts :)

1. SEXY. SO SEXY. Going weak at the knees. Go on sale for half off pretty plz.
2. So many good things going on in the one…the cocoon shape + biker style + leather trim + color blocking + olive being one of those colors? Whoever designed this coat deserves mad props for cramming in ALL the trends.
3. Lovely simple car coat (that comes in camel and black too!) The cut makes it look more like Max Mara than Mango. Which is the dream, isn’t it?
4. CHEAP. SO CHEAP. And it’s really surprisingly hard to find a good leopard coat–I like that this one is fuzzy but not actually furry, and the print is nice and dark, not all crazy contrast-y like many leopard prints.


Costume DIY: Retro Goldfish

DIY Retro Goldfish Costume | The Ultimate


Try to find a simple dress without a lot of flare in the skirt, the reason being that you’ll already need several hundred cupcake liners to cover it; no need to make yourself more work! The cutting goes pretty quickly though, as you can stack several at a time. I would definitely recommend sewing them onto a cheap, thrifted find–I actually taped mine all on (which took FOREVER) because I wanted to save the beautiful handmade cocktail dress I used.


Pillbox Hat | Retro Dress | Gloves | Pumps | Pearls


Ping Pong Ball | Black and Orange Paint | Glue Gun | Cupcake Liners | Orange Dye | Sewing Machine

It’s October! Otherwise known as the month when most other people start enthusing about turning leaves and scarves and apple cider or WHATEVER. All good things, but I’m pretty sure I have my priorities straight when I say that Halloween costumes are what we all really need to focus on. Or at least this is true if you too have a tendency to undertake really massive DIYs that take practically the whole month to pull together. So in preparation, I thought I’d show a couple of favorite costume DIYs from past Halloweens. Hope you like!


Tech Time

Tech | The Ultimate

I’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately for tech accessories–why you ask? Well, I’m of the opinion that the best way to deal with having shitty outdated devices is to bedazzle them, so that at least your phone looks cute even as you curse it while insanely weaving through traffic because it will no longer load Google Maps. Also it is only logical to buy a laptop’s worth of goods rather than replacing your laptop. Obviously.

Things I already own:

The headphones and the universal charger (it comes with a plug that’ll fit any phone, which has already been really fun to whip out and share with my weird non-iPhone-owning friends :), and they’re both lovely.

Things I didn’t know I wanted to own:

Disposable screen wipes! Who’d’ve thought. But they’d be really nice to slip into your laptop case or whatever. Also, after I went to a wedding this summer that had them, I discovered that instant (Polaroid-ish) cameras are SO fun and addictive! Great for parties. Great for party favors!

Things I need but have inexplicably been putting off buying for years:

I NEED a laptop bag/backpack. I’ve been lugging around an awkward case without a handle for absolute ages, and it’s so dumb. That briefcase is technically a men’s one but it so does not look like it, right? And that backpack is insane(ly cool), and has a padded laptop pocket.

Things I don’t need but that are fun to look at:

Pretty phone cases. That brass one is gorgeous, and the Etsy shop has lots of other equally awesome designs.


Hexagonal Spoon Rest DIY

Spoon Rest DIY | The Ultimate

Like any other female with Pinterest account, I dream of having a pristine marble and brass kitchen, but am currently saddled with a builder basic sadface of a space, complete with beige tile countertops and “birch” cabinets that my landlord won’t let me paint. Le sigh.

But it’s good to keep the dream alive in even the smallest of ways, right? So now with my lil 2 minute spoon rest project, I can at least have 6 square inches of my dream.

How To

Color the edge of your marble tile with a gold leaf pen, then seal it (to prevent food stains). Gaze upon your handiwork and dream of better things to come.

Trivet DIY | The Ultimate


Bedroom Update

Bedside Table | The Ultimate

Hi! I’m back! I had a lovely summer holiday, minus all the working. The real world (or actually just the good ol’ U S of A…) did not respond affirmatively to my respectful request that we all take a break for the past three months, which was very puzzling to me. But I tried my very hardest to forge ahead without support, with generally good results. Fun times were had. But now the long slog into winter has officially begun, as evidenced by the proliferation of pumpkin flavored items in every grocery store (btw have you tried TJ’s pumpkin flavored greek yogurt? GOOD.)

I decided (just so I don’t go into shock from the sudden resumption of normal life) that I’d ease into it with a little posty post. Just to dip my toes in. Just to remind myself I could. So here’s my bed! I was going to do a bed/closet combo but then my camera ran out of batteries, and I don’t know who I’m kidding thinking that I’ll ever take a decent photo of my tiny dark closet, especially given that I have the photography skills of a poorly-trained capuchin monkey. Hence, just the bed.

Bed | The Ultimate

The bedding! It took foreffing ever to find emerald green sheets, but Ebay came through for me in the end. The throw pillow is (sold out) from ModCloth. I’m dying to change up the duvet cover as I think we all know that chevron is OVER, but I’ve yet to find the right thing. I made the headboard, the big linen pillows, the side tables, AND the ceramics, so it’s possible I might also take a stab at making my own. Oh the decisions…

The headboard! That was a pain to make. It involved some very questionable saw usage, a ton of staples, and a giant dose of optimism, but it turned out just fine. (Oh god, for some reason that made me think of childbirth. What is wrong with me. Moving on…)

Bedroom | The Ultimate

The side tables! After much agonizing over more expensive options, I bought these super cheap ones and just spray painted them. It’s a bit difficult to tell, but the bottoms are painted the same dusty grey-blue as my desk, which fades into a glossy black at the top.

The sconces were also a concession to my lack of funds…ideally I would have loved these lovelies (or anything else by Schoolhouse Electric!), but the knockoffs do just fine for now.

Under Bed Storage | The Ultimate

Last but for sure not least are my amazing rolling storage carts. They’re lifesavers for my tiny-no-storage-in-sight apartment, and they’re kinda cute and quite sturdy. They’re from Walmart! Random. Those are chalkboards on the front, which I labeled using a liquid chalk marker. I had to buy them special for that purpose. Aaaand I’m getting a bit concerned for the kind of chalkboard-writing, chevron-cuddling, pumpkin-yogurt eating basicness that I’m betraying in this post…:)


Summer Vacation

Bye For Now | The Ultimate

It’s only just begun to dawn on me that I have the busiest summer ever ever (ever), so I’m taking a break in order to tackle a month-long trip to Hawaii and Japan, Outside Lands, numerous backpacking trips, and a week in Charleston :)

I’ll be back sometime in September/whenever the sun stops shining and I trudge back to some semblance of productivity. Have a LOVELY summer.


Surprise Fruit Salad

Surprise Fruit Salad | The Ultimate

Super timely, I know, to share a patriotic fruit salad on July 9th. But I say, ‘Merica can be celebrated any day!! I was in love with this fruit salad because I kind of made it up on the spot and it only took a few minutes to do, yet it looks SO FANCY and pretty and taste-wise is I think the best fruit salad I’ve ever had.

Of course in the moment I spaced out on taking a decent photo of when it was being eaten, but what’s cool about this salad is that from the top and sides it just looks like a bunch of raspberries and blueberries, but they’re all hiding a delicious interior filled with yogurt, peaches, and fresh mint! YUM.

Surprise Fruit Salad | The Ultimate

4th of July Surprise Fruit Salad

3 cups raspberries
3 cups blueberries
4 peaches (you can add/sub in other fruits here)
1 1/2 cups honey-flavored greek yogurt (hiiighly recommend Zoe yogurt!)
fresh mint, to taste

Peel and dice the peaches, and chop up the mint. Add about 2/3 of the mint to the yogurt, then gently fold in the peaches. Set aside.

Drizzle honey (lightly!) all over the inside of a fairly shallow bowl. Start placing the berries in concentric rings along the inside of the bowl (you can do like I did and have several berries in a row, or just one…that would look amazing, but also be a lot harder to hide the yogurt). The honey should make them stick in place.

Once you’ve gone as high up the sides of the bowl as you want, fill the inside with the peach and yogurt mixture. Flatten out the top, and add more rings of berries until the yogurt is completely hidden. Drizzle with honey and sprinkle with the remaining mint.

PS How many recipes can I do featuring raspberries!? But you have to admit they were kinda essential in this application.



Have you ever looked at Longform? It’s a continuously updated selection of great article recommendations pulled from all over the web. During my lunch breaks I (usually browse Buzzfeed or catch up on tv shows, but when I want to feel really intellectual I) can usually polish off one or two of these. But sometimes I get dragged into a crazy binge; starting with a little innocent look into organ harvesting, it’s so easy to progress to shaken baby syndrome or penis injuries…and discover that you’ve been staring at your computer screen for five solid hours and your eyes are probably on the verge of falling out of your face.

I wouldn’t really recommend that approach, but if you have a lunch break and the ability to restrain yourself, then you should check it out! A few favorites of mine (it was very hard to narrow it down!):

Procrastination | The Ultimate

Body Integrity Identity Disorder | The Ultimate

Last Meals | The Ultimate

Russian Family Lost in the Wilderness | The Ultimate

Do What You Love | The Ultimate


Gallery Wall Wishes

Prints | The Ultimate

Row I

Cycling Sailors of SF: TOO CUTE.
Puako NW: That little cloud!
Clipped Wing: Comes from an awesome shop that was so hard to pick from.

Row II

Brave the Storm: This is actually a bandana, but how great would it be framed?
Nonsensical Infographic Two: I’d hang this series over my desk.
Humans and Hybrids: Such a great riff on the “group of related items” type of poster.


Antlers: Gloriously large, and so cheap.
Laser Cut Anemone: Love me some laser cuts.

Row IV

Shipwreck: Two of three; such a good gift.
Neon Indian: Great gig posters never fail.
The Moose: This shop has so many gorgeous, isolated images.

Hmmmm so what began as a two week vacation from the country ended up as a four week vacation from EVERYTHING, and by that I mean eating responsibly, exercising, cleaning anything (including myself), and all that other crap that responsible adults are generally supposed to do.

But I hereby publicly declare that for the next few weeks I plan on eating only salads, exercising daily, cleaning all the things, and probably embarking on various charitable projects in my spare time. Also I’m going to actually do some stuff that’s worthwhile to write about on this here site.

The one project I really need to tackle is finishing the gallery wall in my bedroom. Here it is in all its current glory:

Gallery Wall: Before | The Ultimate

You are probably relieved to hear that I don’t intend to to leave this with random blank frames displaying nothing but their Ikea stickers. I need to buy or make a ton more art, shuffle some things around, paint frames, etc. Much work to be done!

It will come as a surprise to no one who’s ever done a gallery wall, but it’s HARD! Mostly (for me, at least) to find the right mix of styles and sizes of artwork. I mean, at first it was easy, because I just bought a bunch of pieces that I loved, and assumed that those considerations would sort themselves out. But then I realized that nearly everything I was buying/wanted to buy was 18×24 and all in a graphic/modern style. Which is cool if that’s what you’re going for (actually that would be so cool, in a grid from ceiling to floor, right?), but I wanted a lot of variety. And I’d already filled all my big frames.

So I’ve been spending my free time all week searching for pieces that can fill out the smaller frames. And in the course of my searches, I found a ton of gorgeous pieces that I can’t use for one reason or another. Mostly because they’ll colorful, and clearly I’m going for a monochromatic look. It’s kind of a minor tragedy to me that I can’t afford to buy all the art I like and store it in a small warehouse, but for now pinning and endlessly blabbing on about them with have to do.