The Ultimate Coat

Zara Moto Coat | The Ultimate

Who here doesn’t love Zara? That’s right, no one. Because it’s just me here. But also because they make some amazing stuff for (pretty) cheap. Sure, their styling can be a little odd, but you’ve just got to move past that and trust that they have consistently the best jackets and shoes (and assorted other items) to be found in that price range.

Which brings me to this coat! It’s was my favorite purchase this fall, and I’m not even upset that I paid full price. It is so well made, and incredibly versatile. The moto cut and leather sleeves are the perfect contrast to the parka style of the body and hood (the hood!! PNW ladies know that a cute hooded coat is pretty much the holy grail…) And now it’s on sale for like pocket change (in the world of really nice coats at least) so you can buy it and probably even have some shekels to spare for the rest of their always-ridiculous sale. Huzzah!


The Little Prince

The Little Prince | The Ultimate

“One sees clearly only with the heart. That which is essential is invisible to the eyes.”

I spent my entire childhood reading like a maniac. I used to read in the car, at dinner, while walking the dog (running headlong into telephone poles was an occupational hazard).

So it follows that, despite weekly trips to the library, I never had enough stuff to read. It often got to point where, if there was nothing else handy, I’d finish a book and then just start it right over. Sometimes I’d get so desperate that I’d rifle through the adult end of the family bookshelves, which is how I acquainted myself with most of the contents of Lady Chatterley’s Lover at the tender age of 8. (Saucy!)

All this is to say that it make NO GODDAMN SENSE that I wasn’t introduced to the amazingness that is the Little Prince until my junior year French class. I honestly believe that this book should be a mandatory read for all children—all people, anywhere. But at least I got to it eventually. And I’ve decided that it’s kind of cool I got to read it for the first time in the original French; even though my comprehension wasn’t so great (now it’s nonexistent, sadface), it was still a wonderful way to read a truly glorious book.

If you live under a rock like I once did, you must go read this. If you can read it in French, even better! (jealz) I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say that this book is the MEANING OF LIFE. For serious. Go.


Lamp Champs

Task Lamps | The Ultimate

I just moved a few months ago, so while the rest of my apartment is fairly pulled together, my bedroom is still a wasteland of blank walls and unrealized potential. I wanted to wait on it a bit because I so I could save up to buy some new pieces..but impatience and a new credit card are telling me to seize the day!

So I’ve chosen my desk as the first culprit. At present it is disassembled, half painted in three different shades of grey (Why is it impossible to ever find the perfect shade??), and covered in a sea of irretrievably tangled necklaces. Nowhere to go but up.

I knew I wanted a pretty, reasonably priced task lamp for starters, so these are the ones I’ve been gazing at lovingly of late. I think I’ve eliminated the Target and Schoolhouse Electric ones (too cheap and too expensive), but all the others are still in the running.


The Best Pesto

Arugula Pesto With Pistachios and Ricotta | The Ultimate

I’ve thought long and hard, tested all the imitators, and eaten many contemplative spoonfuls of this stuff to bring you the BEST pesto (that I know of). It’s rich, creamy, and incredibly flavorful, and a best of all, it stays such a nice brilliant green. None of your dull sad normal pestos forming that weird dark scum on the top (You know what I mean? Not appetizing.)

What I love about it is that the arugula is less overpowering than basil, which lets the flavor of the pistachios, lemon and parmesan come through…and the ricotta makes it oh so thick and also healthier, because you can use less oil! AND it’s the easiest thing ever to make. High fives all around.

Arugula Pesto With Pistachios and Ricotta | The Ultimate

Arugula Pesto with Pistachios and Ricotta

Adapted from Bon Appetit

4 cups packed fresh arugula
2 cloves garlic
2/3 cup olive oil
1/3 cup ricotta
3 tablespoons pistachios
Juice from 1/2 a lemon
1/2 cup Parmesan
Freshly ground salt and pepper, to taste

Combine in a food processor and blend till smooth. Eat!

PS! I made the fettucini with probably the most addictive kitchen toy in existence. Playdoh for adults, much??


Basics With a Twist

Shopbop | The Ultimate

When it comes to clothes, there’s really nothing better than simple pieces with special details. And my last Shopbop sale haul yielded a few good ones that I knew I should share: this tissue thin tee with the perfect subtle pattern, day-to night spiked earrings, and leather-piped denim (the finish is amazing–all whiskery and shiny).

The boots and necklace would have joined the party if only the price was as good as they way they’d look in this imaginary outfit. But I really might go back and grab the little coin purse; you can never have too many of them floating around, don’t you think? (Especially ones that express your primary characteristic so perfectly!)