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Delicate Rings on Etsy

Rings on Etsy | The Ultimate

I can’t be bothered with wearing most types of jewelry every day–earrings and necklaces are out, because I’d have to take them off at night which is just crazy talk for someone who struggles to wash her face or do any other nighttime rituals that are much more important than jewelry removal. Bracelets are just damn annoying, and whenever I wear them I compulsively play with them to the annoyance of me and anyone who happens to be watching. Does anyone else do this??

Anyways. So that leaves rings. Rings, rings, oh how I love them. I always have at least 5 on at all times. And–due to the aforementioned laziness–I never take them off for silly things like washing my hands or showering or dousing things with paint stripper or anything. This means that super cheap rings will not do. (As in materials…monetarily speaking, cheap is good :) I used to buy plated brass ones that would be ruined in just a couple days, but no longer!

Here I bring you 9 rings that have been tried and tested by yours truly (or I’ve gotten something else from their shop and so can reasonably vouch for their quality). You can get a lot of them in different finishes, although for the most part I stick with sterling silver because it’s cheap and very sturdy. So while these range in price from $12 (!) to $330 (!!), the expensive end is all solid gold stuff that we need not assume I’ve been able to afford. Sniff.


Christmas Wish List

Christmas List | The Ultimate

I don’t know about you, but I never get any useful gift ideas from all the lovely guides that everyone puts out there for Christmas. I like to give people weird, personal things, stuff that they hopefully wouldn’t think of and certainly wouldn’t be put on any guide. But for ME? I want all that stuff. Allll the artisanal table linens, the monthly perfume subscriptions, the cozy slippers. Basically I’ve spent the last month navigating a minefield of personal consumption, and there have been some casualties. In fact, there have been so many that I hereby refuse to admit exactly how many of these items I now or will soon own, whether from serious hints to interested parties or by more…direct means. You get the picture.

1. Weekender Love that print!
2. Bird’s Feet Useless, pretty, and a little creepy. My favorites.
3. Rock, Paper, Scissors Necklace Monserat de Lucca also has some killer zodiac necklaces…
4. Decanter and Tumblers Cheers!
5. Butter Dish The cutest butter dish.
6. Cashmere Sweater THE SOFTEST SWEATER. Seriously it is so damn cozy. And it’s such a good shape.
7. Marble Handled Cutting Board Very lovely and hefty.
8. Mesh Flats These are so delicate and flattering; perfect fancy flats.
9. Interchangeable Curling Iron Isn’t this the best idea?? Also so beautiful.
10. Earrings Perfect for Valentine’s Day.
11. Cannabis Chocolates Well now they’re legal in Washington, so…
12. Mini Rider Bag The snakeskin and black hardware are on point.


5 Favorite Dance Music Videos


Late late last night I decided (as you do) that I needed to watch ALL of my favorite music videos. It took me forever to remember all of them, so I thought I’d round them up into a glorious collection of favorites that I could refer back to in moments like that, when it’s 2am and I MUST watch all the good music videos. Of course there were too many so I picked my top 5, based mostly on how great the dancing is. I excluded (for the most part…as you’ll see) some great videos that I would have otherwise included, like Bad Romance or Chandelier as they’re super popular and everyone’s seen them. These are my quirky ones that I always feel proud introducing to other people, like I’m some kind of YouTube savant who squirrels out the diamonds in the rough (I am not. I don’t know how I found any of these.) Anyway:

Poliça Wandering Star

This is just about the most beautiful music video ever–and whoever got to be the makeup artists must have had the time of their damn lives.

Here We Go Magic How Do I Know

If you want your socks charmed off, this is the video to watch. The girl that plays the dancing robot has the best, most infectious moves–I love her. And the hot quadriplegic wife is so intriguing to me. It’s just a good story!

Department Of Eagles No One Does It Like You

This video is weirdly low quality, but in a way I feel like that contributes to its appeal? Or I’m just used to it. I’ve shown it to some people and they’ve been totally creeped out, but I find it strangely, horrifically adorable.

Duke Dumont Need U

Another great story. The lead actor has the perfect reactions to everyone, and there are so many funny little details; the walkman, the sand in his stoic face, the resentful man pushing over the IV. Love it!

Daft Punk Around the World

Ok so clearly this one is too popular to qualify, but I had to include it because it’s old and maybe people have forgotten about it, and it’s SO GOOD. One of my life’s dreams is to have a massive party with this video as the theme–everyone would dress in the character of their choice, then we’d all learn the dance. Yeah, I’m calling that as the theme for my 30th birthday. It’s got to happen.


4 Favorite Winter Coats

Winter Coats | The Ultimate

Fall shopping insanity is fully upon me now, and all I can think about–and surreptitiously look for when I’m supposed to be working–is boots and sweaters and COATS. Mmmm I love coats.

I tried using a few words above to explain why these four in particular caught my eye, but upon further review they’re totally cryptic and I should probably redo it but I’m not gonna. Instead I’m just adding more down here, for the streamlined and logical experience that every designer strives to give to their blog posts :)

1. SEXY. SO SEXY. Going weak at the knees. Go on sale for half off pretty plz.
2. So many good things going on in the one…the cocoon shape + biker style + leather trim + color blocking + olive being one of those colors? Whoever designed this coat deserves mad props for cramming in ALL the trends.
3. Lovely simple car coat (that comes in camel and black too!) The cut makes it look more like Max Mara than Mango. Which is the dream, isn’t it?
4. CHEAP. SO CHEAP. And it’s really surprisingly hard to find a good leopard coat–I like that this one is fuzzy but not actually furry, and the print is nice and dark, not all crazy contrast-y like many leopard prints.



Have you ever looked at Longform? It’s a continuously updated selection of great article recommendations pulled from all over the web. During my lunch breaks I (usually browse Buzzfeed or catch up on tv shows, but when I want to feel really intellectual I) can usually polish off one or two of these. But sometimes I get dragged into a crazy binge; starting with a little innocent look into organ harvesting, it’s so easy to progress to shaken baby syndrome or penis injuries…and discover that you’ve been staring at your computer screen for five solid hours and your eyes are probably on the verge of falling out of your face.

I wouldn’t really recommend that approach, but if you have a lunch break and the ability to restrain yourself, then you should check it out! A few favorites of mine (it was very hard to narrow it down!):

Procrastination | The Ultimate

Body Integrity Identity Disorder | The Ultimate

Last Meals | The Ultimate

Russian Family Lost in the Wilderness | The Ultimate

Do What You Love | The Ultimate


Gallery Wall Wishes

Prints | The Ultimate

Row I

Cycling Sailors of SF: TOO CUTE.
Puako NW: That little cloud!
Clipped Wing: Comes from an awesome shop that was so hard to pick from.

Row II

Brave the Storm: This is actually a bandana, but how great would it be framed?
Nonsensical Infographic Two: I’d hang this series over my desk.
Humans and Hybrids: Such a great riff on the “group of related items” type of poster.


Antlers: Gloriously large, and so cheap.
Laser Cut Anemone: Love me some laser cuts.

Row IV

Shipwreck: Two of three; such a good gift.
Neon Indian: Great gig posters never fail.
The Moose: This shop has so many gorgeous, isolated images.

Hmmmm so what began as a two week vacation from the country ended up as a four week vacation from EVERYTHING, and by that I mean eating responsibly, exercising, cleaning anything (including myself), and all that other crap that responsible adults are generally supposed to do.

But I hereby publicly declare that for the next few weeks I plan on eating only salads, exercising daily, cleaning all the things, and probably embarking on various charitable projects in my spare time. Also I’m going to actually do some stuff that’s worthwhile to write about on this here site.

The one project I really need to tackle is finishing the gallery wall in my bedroom. Here it is in all its current glory:

Gallery Wall: Before | The Ultimate

You are probably relieved to hear that I don’t intend to to leave this with random blank frames displaying nothing but their Ikea stickers. I need to buy or make a ton more art, shuffle some things around, paint frames, etc. Much work to be done!

It will come as a surprise to no one who’s ever done a gallery wall, but it’s HARD! Mostly (for me, at least) to find the right mix of styles and sizes of artwork. I mean, at first it was easy, because I just bought a bunch of pieces that I loved, and assumed that those considerations would sort themselves out. But then I realized that nearly everything I was buying/wanted to buy was 18×24 and all in a graphic/modern style. Which is cool if that’s what you’re going for (actually that would be so cool, in a grid from ceiling to floor, right?), but I wanted a lot of variety. And I’d already filled all my big frames.

So I’ve been spending my free time all week searching for pieces that can fill out the smaller frames. And in the course of my searches, I found a ton of gorgeous pieces that I can’t use for one reason or another. Mostly because they’ll colorful, and clearly I’m going for a monochromatic look. It’s kind of a minor tragedy to me that I can’t afford to buy all the art I like and store it in a small warehouse, but for now pinning and endlessly blabbing on about them with have to do.


Trays For Days

Trays | The Ultimate

How many trays is too many trays? That was a trick question. There’s no limit! Trays make everything better!! Therefore, my goal is to have at least one on every flat surface of my apartment. I just bought #1, no idea where I’m putting it, doesn’t matter. That’s the beauty of the tray–it can go anywhere, be anything. Within reason. Don’t ask it to be a piece of cheese. But serve a piece of cheese? Yes, it can do that.

(Sorry I’m talking nonsense, I’m a bit dazed from spending three hours taping off all the fiddly little hardware bits on a trunk in preparation for painting it. The next post will be much more legitimate, I promise.) Trays forever!!


Everyday Tees

Everyday Tees | The Ultimate

Up until recently, I worked in a regular office, and wore regular office-y clothes–skirts, silk blouses, etc. I didn’t much question my sartorial decisions, and neither did anyone else. But about half a year ago, I started to work from home. And I immediately noticed that most people when I told them about it, would say, “Oh yeah? Sweatpants all day every day?! NICE.” (Or, you know, something along those lines.)

To which I would answer with an emphatic NOPE; it is not nice. On the days that I spend sprawled braless, sweat-panted, and generally unkempt on the couch, I do not feel good about myself. AND I’ve noticed that those days seem to mysteriously correspond with the ones where I find myself shoveling off-brand Froot Loops from the box into my mouth at any moment when I don’t need both my hands on the keyboard. What I’m trying to say is it’s a snowball effect.

On the other hand, it’s ridiculous to wear anything near as nice as my old clothes when the only being that’s going to see me before nightfall is Lucy. And she doesn’t judge. (In fact, I think she likes the Froot Loop days the best…) So usually I manage to compromise, and that means a lot of soft and comfy, but still very pretty tees. I’m always on the hunt for more, so here’s a handful that I particularly approve of! Some I own and love (#2, #5), some I just bought and am quite excited about (#6, #8), and the rest I’m seriously considering (ie waiting for my next paycheck).


Let’s Go Camping

Let's Go Camping | The Ultimate

For the most part, I am that very girly girl who likes manicures, champagne, Jane Austen; dislikes beer, sporting events, sweatpants. But I make a rabidly enthusiastic exception for camping. It doesn’t really matter to me whether it’s a miles-long backpacking trek through the wilderness, or day drinking at a campsite ten miles out of the city. I love it all!

And, as with pretty much everything else in life, it’s even MORE fun when there’s cute stuff to bring along. Every year I like to add a few things to my camping arsenal (which I keep in my trunk at all times, because you never know). So here are some things that I either have and love, or that I’m considering getting soon.

PS I had a hard time narrowing down all the things I wanted to include from Izola; even their stuff that clearly isn’t for camping is just as clearly perfect for camping (case in point) Also their flasks are amazing. I want ALL of them.


Jim Jams

Jim Jams | The Ultimate

For the past few weeks I’ve been toying around with the idea of buying some dedicated sleepwear. This is partially because I have a terrible habit of just passing out in whatever I’ve worn during the day…but also because I have this fantasy of myself sashaying around in something cute before bed, probably with a face mask and a sophisticated novel.

But when I actually started shopping around, I found myself caught up in an existential crisis. I couldn’t make up my mind about basic questions of comfort and practicality (How warm did I want to be? Was I really willing to put on two whole pieces of clothing just to go to bed in?) But the important question, and what my confusion really boiled down to was, what was my sleepwear style? Did I fancy myself a no-nonsense button-down kind of gal? Maybe I was best suited to a fluttery nightgown sort of situation (accompanied of course by an undone fishtail braid). Or was I more of a lace trimmings and booty shorts lady of the night??

I soon realized how ridiculous this train of thought had gotten, so I tabled the motion and went with my gut. So now instead of wearing real clothes to bed, I just wear this guy at all times. Progress!

Onesie With Ears | The Ultimate