Reading List for a UK Trip

My roommate and I recently booked a trip (our first!) to the U.K. We are alarmingly excited. We are TOTALLY those American girls who are annoyingly obsessed with English culture; their accents, their shows, their problems. But most of all (for me at least), their books! And one of my favorite ways of prepping for a trip is reading books that are set where I’m going. Usually I try to stick to ones I haven’t read before, but for this trip there are so many I already know and love that I probably won’t even bother.

So here’s my reading list! I should note it’s not really what I’d consider to be a “best of” list, which would include picks like Middlemarch, David Copperfield and (of course!) Harry Potter. I chose them for their variety and readability (self-improvement-type books can wait till we’re back : ) Because you know how there’s the kind of book you liked, but you never want to read again? And then there’s the kind you could read every year. These are all that kind. I can’t wait to get started!