Leather Keychain DIY | The Ultimate

I made a bunch of these simple keychains for my friends for Christmas. They’re used to me making them a lil somethin’ every year, and I’m used to be showered with praise for my ingenuity and artistic skills in return. So I was surprised and saddened when I didn’t receive the usual fanfare upon the presentation of these pretties. Turns out, no one even suspected that they were handmade! That is a score in my book, albeit a slightly confusing one.

Here’s where I found my screw bolts, key rings, and leather scraps. I had all the other supplies, so it only cost me $30 to make 10 key chains, with lots of nice leather scraps left over.

Leather Keychain DIY | The Ultimate


1. Use the sharpie to mark your hole punches on the back of the leather.
2. Make the hole punches and cut (see above).
3. Lay the outer strip over the inner. The four holes on the left should line up, and the outer strip should be slightly longer than the inner.
4. Fold the longer side in toward the middle, and fold the shorter sides over the top (see above).
5. Stick the key ring in the loop you’ve just made.
6. Thread the screw bolt through all the now-aligned holes, and screw closed.

SO EASY. After that you can customize yours by snipping off the edges of the front bit (black one), or slivering the long bit (blue one), whatever you fancy. Just make sure to use very sharp scissors so your cuts are nice and clean.