Winter Coats | The Ultimate

Fall shopping insanity is fully upon me now, and all I can think about–and surreptitiously look for when I’m supposed to be working–is boots and sweaters and COATS. Mmmm I love coats.

I tried using a few words above to explain why these four in particular caught my eye, but upon further review they’re totally cryptic and I should probably redo it but I’m not gonna. Instead I’m just adding more down here, for the streamlined and logical experience that every designer strives to give to their blog posts :)

1. SEXY. SO SEXY. Going weak at the knees. Go on sale for half off pretty plz.
2. So many good things going on in the one…the cocoon shape + biker style + leather trim + color blocking + olive being one of those colors? Whoever designed this coat deserves mad props for cramming in ALL the trends.
3. Lovely simple car coat (that comes in camel and black too!) The cut makes it look more like Max Mara than Mango. Which is the dream, isn’t it?
4. CHEAP. SO CHEAP. And it’s really surprisingly hard to find a good leopard coat–I like that this one is fuzzy but not actually furry, and the print is nice and dark, not all crazy contrast-y like many leopard prints.