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Be Bold

Be Bold | The Ultimate

A little typographic humor for your Tuesday night! I found this quote on Pinterest and wanted to give it my own spin. My own black white marble and sexy serif spin, that is…some things never get old :)


Hexagonal Spoon Rest DIY

Spoon Rest DIY | The Ultimate

Like any other female with Pinterest account, I dream of having a pristine marble and brass kitchen, but am currently saddled with a builder basic sadface of a space, complete with beige tile countertops and “birch” cabinets that my landlord won’t let me paint. Le sigh.

But it’s good to keep the dream alive in even the smallest of ways, right? So now with my lil 2 minute spoon rest project, I can at least have 6 square inches of my dream.

How To

Color the edge of your marble tile with a gold leaf pen, then seal it (to prevent food stains). Gaze upon your handiwork and dream of better things to come.

Trivet DIY | The Ultimate