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Have you ever looked at Longform? It’s a continuously updated selection of great article recommendations pulled from all over the web. During my lunch breaks I (usually browse Buzzfeed or catch up on tv shows, but when I want to feel really intellectual I) can usually polish off one or two of these. But sometimes I get dragged into a crazy binge; starting with a little innocent look into organ harvesting, it’s so easy to progress to shaken baby syndrome or penis injuries…and discover that you’ve been staring at your computer screen for five solid hours and your eyes are probably on the verge of falling out of your face.

I wouldn’t really recommend that approach, but if you have a lunch break and the ability to restrain yourself, then you should check it out! A few favorites of mine (it was very hard to narrow it down!):

Procrastination | The Ultimate

Body Integrity Identity Disorder | The Ultimate

Last Meals | The Ultimate

Russian Family Lost in the Wilderness | The Ultimate

Do What You Love | The Ultimate


Reading List: English Lit

Reading List for a UK Trip

My roommate and I recently booked a trip (our first!) to the U.K. We are alarmingly excited. We are TOTALLY those American girls who are annoyingly obsessed with English culture; their accents, their shows, their problems. But most of all (for me at least), their books! And one of my favorite ways of prepping for a trip is reading books that are set where I’m going. Usually I try to stick to ones I haven’t read before, but for this trip there are so many I already know and love that I probably won’t even bother.

So here’s my reading list! I should note it’s not really what I’d consider to be a “best of” list, which would include picks like Middlemarch, David Copperfield and (of course!) Harry Potter. I chose them for their variety and readability (self-improvement-type books can wait till we’re back : ) Because you know how there’s the kind of book you liked, but you never want to read again? And then there’s the kind you could read every year. These are all that kind. I can’t wait to get started!



Oscar Wilde | The Ultimate

Everyone loves an Oscar Wilde quote! And this one is especially great because the Dowager Countess of Grantham said it too. Don’t you think Dame Maggie’s job must be the best ever? All she does is swan around in lacy gowns and deliver pithy one-liners. It’s funny because I kind of imagine that’s exactly what Oscar Wilde did too…except he wasn’t acting. Such a genius.


The Little Prince

The Little Prince | The Ultimate

“One sees clearly only with the heart. That which is essential is invisible to the eyes.”

I spent my entire childhood reading like a maniac. I used to read in the car, at dinner, while walking the dog (running headlong into telephone poles was an occupational hazard).

So it follows that, despite weekly trips to the library, I never had enough stuff to read. It often got to point where, if there was nothing else handy, I’d finish a book and then just start it right over. Sometimes I’d get so desperate that I’d rifle through the adult end of the family bookshelves, which is how I acquainted myself with most of the contents of Lady Chatterley’s Lover at the tender age of 8. (Saucy!)

All this is to say that it make NO GODDAMN SENSE that I wasn’t introduced to the amazingness that is the Little Prince until my junior year French class. I honestly believe that this book should be a mandatory read for all children—all people, anywhere. But at least I got to it eventually. And I’ve decided that it’s kind of cool I got to read it for the first time in the original French; even though my comprehension wasn’t so great (now it’s nonexistent, sadface), it was still a wonderful way to read a truly glorious book.

If you live under a rock like I once did, you must go read this. If you can read it in French, even better! (jealz) I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say that this book is the MEANING OF LIFE. For serious. Go.